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Open Classes 30/9, 2/10, 7/10 || Workshop 8-9 October 2016

It is one thing to find inner peace on a lonely mountain, but how do we stay soft, grounded and present when the world around us feels volatile and chaotic? In this 5Rhythms weekend workshop we slow things down and ride the Flowing Rhythm towards a safe haven, an inner place of nourishment and strength. Not in an attempt to escape the stormy world, but actually to be more in it. We'll practice entering the calm eye of the storm by finding our moving centre. When things get tough we often loose our centre by tensing and contracting our bodies. In Slow Motion we practice softening our muscles, expanding our awareness and finding power and integrity in our body posture. This way we can dance in a storm, finding balance in motion, and strength in softness.  

To get most out of the workshop it is recommended you visit one or more of the open classes mentioned below.

The 5Rhythms is a dynamic movement practice where we both meditate and rock our bodies in the same breath. It has 5 phases or rhythms that take dancers on a journey of tuning in (Flowing), expressing (Staccato), surrendering (Chaos), expanding (Lyrical) and being (Stillness). Each rhythm grows out of the previous rhythm and together the 5 rhythms form a wave of energy. Anyone, regardless of age or physical condition, can dance the 5Rhythms. You only need a body that breathes, a heart that beats and a willingness to be curious.



  • 8 & 9 October 2016



  • Saturday 10 AM - 5 PM (incl. lunchbreak - lunch not provided)

  • Sunday 10 AM - 5 PM (incl. lunchbreak - lunch not provided)



  • 9500 Ksh*


* please let us know if you want to join and the workshop fee lies beyond your present capabilities.

More information

For more info on the content you can contact Léon. For practical questions, please contact Celia Bray, who organizes the workshop. Please subscribe by clicking the button below. 

Open Classes 


"The 5Rhythms is my weekly washing machine. It cleanses me of stress and washes away negativity."  

Jeroen, The Netherlands



5Rhythms Basics Kenya. Open to all who like to move.

Welcome to the 5Rhythms - a dynamic practice to both workout and meditate in the same breath. Practicing them helps us become attuned to the underlying patterns in our everyday existence. In these open classes we'll go through each of the 5 rhythms in detail. This is a good introductory for those who are new to the 5Rhythms and allows experienced dancers to deepen their dance. You can read more about the workshop Slow Motion above.

Fri 30 Sept | 6.30 - 9.00 PM| Theatre Company Studio (Storymoja) | 1000 Ksh or donation*

Sat 1 Oct |2 PM - 4,30 PM| Shine Center, 4th floor  on Masari Road | 1000 Ksh or donation*

Fri 7 Oct | 6.30 - 9.00 PM | Theatre Company Studio (Storymoja) 1000 Ksh or donation*

Wed 19 Oct | 6.30 - 9.00 PM | Theatre Company Studio (Storymoja) | 1000 Ksh or donation*

* We would like you to participate even if the price is too high for your current capabilities. In that case you can make a donation that fits your budget and the value of the class. Please pay on the day.

Subscription for the open classes is not needed. You can pay at the door. Please bring loose and comfortable clothes to move in and a water bottle to replenish yourself. It's recommended to move barefoot as this gives a nice contact with the floor. 

More information

For more info on the content you can contact Léon. For practical questions, please contact Celia Bray, who organizes the workshop. 

"Being able to  move through the rythyms of life in my big, magnificent body, to play, breathe and be at peace with all of me. That's what 5Rythyms gives me. A place where I can be, just as I am and dance."

Michelle, Kenya

Léon Beckx is a certified 5Rhythms movement facilitator and has been teaching the 5Rhythms since 2008 in his hometown Amsterdam and abroad. Léon grew up with martial arts and hip hop and has a professional background in psychology and community building. In his workshops and classes Léon includes inspirations from other movement practices such as instant composition, contact improvisation and the field of somatics. His teaching style is sensitive and experimental with much focus on our bodies innate wisdom.

All of Léon's classes & workshops count as Wave hours for the 5Rhythms Teacher Training

Slow Motion


Open Classes
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