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23 August 2015


Dancing the 5rhythms is an ongoing tranformation process. When we move with presence, things start moving: old forms dissolve and we make space for the new. Change, however, can be threatening to our sense of self. Our identity gives us security and also limits our potential. If all the world is a stage, we're often stuck playing one or two roles. In this day workshop we'll safely learn to loosen up our sense of self and experiment with new forms. Each of the 5 rhythms assists us in this journey and helps us regain a sense of spontaneity and possibility. With the dancefloor as our stage we'll practice the art of shape shifting or flexibily moving between different states of being. Come and surprise yourself!



23 August 2015 // 10.30 - 17.00



Studio FON. Nahkurinkatu 8, 20100 Turku, Finland


Price - €70*

* Take a friend who's new to the 5Rhythms to 'Shape Shifting'. You both get a 20% discount!


The 5Rhythms is a dynamic movement practice where we both meditate and rock our bodies in the same breath. It has 5 phases or rhythms that take dancers on a journey of tuning in (flowing), expressing (staccato), surrendering (chaos), expanding (lyrical) and being (stillness). Anyone, regardless of age or physical condition, can dance the 5Rhythms. You only need a body that breathes, a heart that beats and a willingness to be curious.

Léon Beckx is a certified 5Rhythms movement facilitator and has been teaching the 5Rhythms since 2008. Léon grew up with martial arts and hip hop and has a professional background in psychology and community building. In his workshops and classes Léon includes inspirations from other movement practices such as instant composition, contact improvisation and the field of somatics. His teaching style is experimental and subtle with much focus on our bodies innate intelligence.


All of Léon's classes & workshops count as Wave hours for the 5Rhythms Teacher Training


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