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With the workshop finding a home in our bodies I'd like to offer some ways in which you can continue your exploration in the flowing state of being.  Below you´ll find some tips relating to inside world and our outside world (spiritual activism). I hope it will help you on your journey!

Rest and Digest or Fight and flight


With the high pace of our modern lives our bodies are often in a state of rush. This rush is supported by the sympathetic nervous system, part of the autonomic nervous system that is also called the fight and flight mode. This mode helps the body to get ready for action or defend ourselves. It makes our heart beats faster and our muscles tense. When the fight and flight mode is active, energy is diverted from healing. Healing and repair are regulated by the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) or the rest and digest mode. This mode helps the body to digest, detox and build immunity.


The balance between being and doing is related to the balance between the fight and flight mode and the rest and digest mode. Unfortunately it is much easier to get into the stress mode than the healing mode, since the fight and flight mode is build for quick, short term reactions. It takes more time to bring on the biochemistry of rest and digest. Some of the following 10 tips are adapted from the website Your skillful means, others you will recognize from the workshop.

Happiness is only real when shared


The nature of the Flowing state of being is that it is boundless. When our inner work only stays internal, it´s like trying to box the life force. It will wither away and from our self centered perspective we´ll get in conflict with the outside world. The beauty is that we can multiply this state of being when we share it. It becomes truly abundant when we share & care for others.    When we do this inner work we tap into this state


We live in a world where so many of us are waiting for permission to simply be. This state of being is sold to us as a bottled perfume or as our pension after a long, often hard working life. It seems the state of being is scarce (limited) and we have to fight for it, often at the expense of others. Inner work can free us of this dependency. However If our inner work only stays internal we´re in danger of becoming self centered, only interested in taking what we need. With this we contribute to a world of scarcity. The true nature of flowing is that it is boundless. It can´t be boxed. When we share this state of being, we help it grow and flourish and make it abundant. So become a spiritual activist and help us all with the following:

Give your unconsciousness space





The moment I tire


of difficult sand-grains


and giddy pebbles,


I roll with the punch


of a shrivelling wave


and am cosmonaut


out past the fringe


of a basalt ledge


in a moony sea-hall


spun beyond blue.


Faint but definite


heat of the universe



flutters my skin;


quick fish apply


as something to love,


what with their heads


of gong-dented gold;


plankton I push



an easy way through


would be dust or dew


in the world behind


if that mattered at all,


which is no longer true,


with its faces and cries.



Andrew Motion



Tolerate not-knowing for

a while, trusting things will ripen in their own time. Pay attention to your dreams without trying to analyze them too much. Draw, write and of course dance to give expression to whatever is there.

Build a Flowing Vocabulary


Finding the right words to fit your flowing state helps to give it a place in this world. Below are some English words. Find varieties in your own language!

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