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Conscious Dance, whether the 5Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance or otherwise, is often a welcome break from the grind of daily life. Every time we enter the dance floor, we enter a ritual space where we bring attention and intention to our bodies and allow ourselves to be moved. This vitalizing practice helps us deal better with our day-to-day demands. But what if we could turn our habits and routines into rituals? What if our daily actions become a way to ground and affirm what we hold sacred in life?

Routines and rituals differ in the level of awareness and intention that is involved. As actions grow into automatic habits, they lose their meaning. We no longer feel the yearning that gave birth to them, nor the potential for transformation hidden within. These live on inside our bodies and outside the grasp of our analytic minds. In this workshop we therefore practice thinking with the body.  We explore the poetic language of sensation, gesture, movement, feelings and images. The body knows what is important and why. It can unlock the wisdom within our daily routines, whether deemed ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Routines can then transform into rituals that nurture, manifest, honour, and celebrate our Selves. As Conscious Dancers, of all sorts and levels, we might discover that we are already quite familiar with thinking with the body. This workshop further animates this bodily wisdom so we can practice becoming dancers of life.

The workshop ‘Daily Rituals’ is open to dancers with all levels of experience. What is relevant is that you are willing to show up and be true to yourself and give space to others to do the same. My intention is to both challenge you and create a safe and sacred space in which you feel free to go as fast or slow as you want. Ultimately, this workshop is a co-creation in which we explore, play, make mistakes, share delicate moments, and dance until we disappear. 

Léon Beckx is a dancer and a psychologist. He became a 5Rhythms teacher in 2008 under the guidance of Gabrielle Roth. He further trained in dance improvisation, somatics, martial arts and theater, and is co-founder of the Heart of Ecstatic Dance, where he educates Ecstatic Dance facilitators. Next to dance, Léon also facilitates workshops on community building, conflict resolution, and cultural sensitivity. Read more about Léon here


  • 29-30 August 2020





  • € 195 regular

  • € 175 EARLY BIRD when registered and paid before 20/07/20

  • € 30 Friday Evening

All prices include VAT.

* please let us know if you want to join, but you can't afford the full workshop fee.

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