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5Rhythms Life LAB

A 5Rhythms ongoing group. Space to deepen, experiment and link your practice to daily life.

Five weekends, one group and a lot of space to deepen our spiritual dance practice. The 5Rhythms Life LAB is about connecting our 5Rhythms practice with everyday life. It is not always easy to bring the freedom we experience on the dance floor to our day to day life. How do you flow for example when you are in a long, boring meeting? The hard part is to transfer or translate the wisdom of our moving bodies to the world of words and everyday routines. The beauty of the 5rhythms is that they can reach much further than the dance floor. For that we must learn to connect our body and mind, so it becomes a true bodymind practice. This is a bit of uncharted territory. The invitation is to become explorers of dance in life; to be present and vital in our bodies, to think with our heart and feel with our minds, to play with social roles and responsibilities.


Each one of us is on an individual journey with distinct gifts and challenges. Each one an unique story. In the 5Rhythms Life LAB we bring these individual journeys in a collective and collaborative space. This means learning together, sharing, supporting, giving feedback, experimenting and dancing our socks off. When we open up our journeys for each other and exchange, magic can happen. We may find we hold the key somebody else is looking for and vice versa. In the 5Rhythms Life LAB we’ll work together to move to the edge of who we are. We’ll work in the weekends and between the modules. You’re encouraged to bring in your own themes and struggles and share your wisdom. Below you’ll find more info on each module. As the modules are shaped around our individual and collective needs the themes can shift and evolve.


Flowing – Our potential for growth

Which rhythm is present in our life, which one isn’t? What wants to emerge and how do I relate to this? How can I find the ‘yes’ in my body for my own gifts and the qualities of others? How to move with the unknown and let things be and be with them.


Staccato – Inner Compass            

Our moving bodies, emotions and heart as our inner compass; a sense of direction. Where am I going and how do I go there? We’ll look at moving metaphors or how we can communicate our body language into words.


Chaos – Gateway to transformation

We’ll investigate our soft spots. What are the places we protect and avoid and how can the practice of chaos support us in opening the places that scare us so they become gateways for change.


Lyrical – Stretching our Self

When we put our imagination in our bodies we can stretch who we are. We learn to shift old habits and improvise on the spot. We’ll practice transcending our own concerns and connect with others.


Stillness – Aligning with the end

Each story has many endings. Endings are a time to integrate, harvest and make space for the new. Deep down we often feel the finish nearing, but we´re not always in tune with it. In this module we investigate our relationship with endings. Do we close things prematurely or do we try to hold on? 

The hours of the ongoing group and intro day qualify for the 5Rhythms Teacher Training prerequisites.

23 November

Open Intro Day


Introduction Day


A chance to taste 5Rhythms Life LAB. This day we'll explore the link between daily life and our dance practice. How could our life look if we approach it from our dancing bodies? Whether you want to join the ongoing group, are curious or just want to dance this day... You are welcome.


When - 23 November 2014

Where -Arcada ammattikorkeakoulun liikuntasali Jan-Magnus Janssonin aukio 1 00560 Helsinki

Time - 10.30 - 17.00

Price - €70*


*If you decide to join the ongoing group, you'll get a €35 discount.





5Rhythms Life LAB


Module I - 31 Jan / 1 Feb 2015

Module II - March 2015

Module III - May 2015

Module IV - Aug 2015

Module V - Okt 2015*


*These dates will be confirmed a.s.a.p.


Where - location t.b.a. but will be in or around Helsinki, Finland.


Price - €700 / €650 normal price / students, unemployed.


Early bird: get a €50 discount when you book before 15 December 2014.

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